Welcome to the running club you always wanted to be a member of.

Founded in early 2020 when the world changed unexpectedly for everyone, and friends and family were forced to reduce their socializing, and staying fit was harder to come by. So ASRC was born, encouraging everyone to stay connected through Strava while also doing their part for the global community.

Through collaborations with local running clubs, restaurants, food banks, and other brands in various markets, we’re committed to supporting the initiatives that are important in those markets and fostering a running community that encourages one another to be active and stay active. Where we’re running to stay healthy, not just to look a certain way.

Through our current Dine & Dash Campaign, we’re doing our part to help restaurants during these trying times.

Whether it’s breaking a sweat on the track or having a beer off it, together or distanced, in the Anti Social Running Club, we’re never apart.