Introducing Run Club Radio

A monthly guest DJ mix or guest playlist to give us that extra push during our workouts. 

Mana Ohan Run

Tropical tunes to get you in the tropical mood. Just in time for the Mana Ohana Run. Courtesy of James Jackins. 

Run Club Radio - Mana Ohana Run

James Jackins - 01/13/21

It's been a minute, folks. The first Run Club Radio playlist in over a year and we're excited to bring on James for this one! You may know him as the SYC Brewing guy, but he's also a big music and sports guy. Heck, he's honestly just an all around great guy. James brings us some lo-fi house to run to with this month's selections. 

"I have always been pretty competitive. Besides Space Jam and Air Bud, my first sports memories date back to game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals. I had already been playing basketball for two years at that point and still play. Michael Jordan was my Power Rangers, WWE or Zelda, I was obsessed. Sports took me to a pretty high level of football, too. Nowadays, it's all just competition with myself. Seeing how hard I can push myself to stay fit as I enter my 30's. I got a Whoop strap that gamified training and sweating which has been a big influence. Music- that's just the soundtrack to it all. It's easily my other passion and I'm sure this mix will give you a little idea of what gets me moving. I enjoy running to lo-fi house but have some other favourites mixed in. Throw on the crossfade, press shuffle and I'll see you out there."

Listen to his Run Club Radio playlist here.

Love James's musical taste and want more? Check out his other playlist here.

Lastly, we wanted to do a bit of promo for SYC Brewing and promote their non-alcoholic beer, Phantom Buzz. I know a few of us are doing that dry January thing this month, so this is a great local option for you Edmonton folks! Ask your local liquor store to grab yours today. 

NE1 - 02/26/21

Edmonton producer and DJ, Shayne (DJ NE1), provides us with an hour of ENERGY. He believes in the idea that music is all about bonding, dancing and connecting. That music IS energy. We can't agree more. 

"I created this mix to motivate the runners who are struggling to stay consistent throughout the pandemic AND this cold snap. This is one hour of uptempo, feel-good hip-hop, r&b and futuresounds that are bound to get you moving and feeling like yourself again. I’ve got the vibe covered - now set a goal, press play, put one foot in front of the other and RUN."

Check him out on Twitch where he hosts DJ sets that will transform your living room into a dance party. 

Listen to his Run Club Radio set here.

Paul Swanson - 01/22/21

Edmonton's favourite photographer / DJ, Paul Swanson, brings us full on energy with our latest Run Club mix. The strategic 1 minute intro is  perfect for those of us that need to get their shoes laced and Strava turned on. Life is like a box of chocolates, man.

Paul's message for our runners:

"Here’s a selection of songs that’ll hopefully keep you up to pace, get you out of your head, and most importantly have fun. Some of my favourite old and new tracks for you to all enjoy!"

Listen on Soundcloud here. 

David Stone - 12/25/20

The Legendary David Stone brings us over an hour of pure grooves. With venues closed due to Covid, it's safe to say we miss hearing his sounds that keeps you going non-stop. "I think it's a pretty good representation of where I'm at right now. It's house and it's fun, euphoric, driving, futuristic yet retro, and ends on a positive note. It swerves all over the place, and I hope it will make you smile and dance and run."

Listen on Soundcloud here.


Ami Dykstra - 12/11/20

With gym and studio closures, we are forced to stay active at home or outdoors and some of us really miss those group workout vibes. This month, we have our first Studio Motivator Guest Playlist, Ami Dykstra. Ami has been with Hive Fit Co for 4 years as a Row Instructor and she is no stranger to creating unique high energy playlists for her classes. The multi genre selections chosen for Run Club Radio will keep you going for days. We asked Ami what got her into running in the first place. Here's what she had to say:

I have been running since I was a teenager. My mom started doing half marathons and ultra’s when I was 12 or 13 and I think going to her races peaked my running curiosity.

Tell us more about your selections for Run Club Radio

Music is an amazing motivator. Nothing makes someone want to push harder than good beats. Running brings a completely different taste in music out in me than my day-to-day jams, but I love it. Everyone needs something that pushes them out of their comfort zone and inspires them to get something out of their workout that they otherwise wouldn’t. Enjoy!

Listen on Spotify here.


Junior Brown - 11/27/20

This month we have none other than our November Athlete Feature, Blair Junior AKA Junior Brown. Resident DJ of Edmonton's longest house music night, For Those Who Know. This mix is an hour of pure soulful house music, new and classics. Listen here.