EDIT: SHIRT PICK UP WEEK OF MARCH 1 - Please check your email throughout the week as we send out pick up notifications for each race participant. Thank you!

Dine & Dash Virtual 10K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon

Presented by Anti Social Running Club

A virtual race in support of our local food scene in Edmonton. 

We've partnered with Red Star, The Next Act, Cafe Mosaics, Dorinku Osaka, Campio Brewing Co, and Tres Caranales Rostizado to provide us with delicious post race dinners (for 1 or 2) at the comfort of your own home. You've earned it!

Join us in your choice of the 10K, Half Marathon (21.1K), or Full Marathon (42.2K) from February 7th - 14th and celebrate your amazing hard work with amazing local food. Your prize pack will include a take out dinner of your choice between the 6 participating restaurants and an exclusive Dine & Dash long sleeve tee! 

No race rules - You get to run your own race, at your own pace, indoors or outdoors, and at your own time between February 7th and 14th. 

Please share your training and race journey with us on Instagram by tagging #DineAndDashYEG and @antisocialrunning in your stories and posts! 

Registration Period: January 14th - February 6th

Race Period: February 7th - 14th 

Dinner Pick Up Date: February 14th between 4PM - 8PM (February 13th for Red Star) 

More details on the registration page. 

Questions about the event? Contact Us

Illustration by Josh Harnack