Hello Pizza Milers!
Thank you for registering for our first ever in person event. Here are the details in regards to this Saturday's run!
Please meet at Young & Restless Pizza (District Cafe 10011 109 St NW) at 2:00PM on Saturday, September 18th. Here we will check in and enjoy our pizza and beer. Each runner will also receive a ticket for draw prizes, please hang on to these! We'll then walk together as a group towards the bike path just west of 109 Street before we start our run. 
Here is our route:
Run down the bike path towards Constable Ezio Faraone Park
Head down the Glenora Stairs and proceed towards the River Valley Rd cross walk
Spiral run up and over the LRT Bridge
Follow the sidewalk chalk pizza arrows on the bike path uphill
Head up the hill along 109 street towards Highlevel Diner
Run south on 109 Street towards the finish line aka your pizza and beer at High Dough! Got a stroller? We've got an alternate route for you!
Enjoy your well deserved pizza and beer on the patio at High Dough. Please note that due to capacity, we'll want to try and rotate everyone out efficiently so that everyone gets a chance to enjoy their reward.
Please always be aware of your surroundings and obey all traffic/pedestrian laws while crossing streets. It's fun to be safe! 
Also, please remember to bring a mask as we'll be following government COVID guidelines. 
Feel free to email us with any question: antisocialrunningclub@gmail.com